Remote Directory / Remote Phonebook / Remote Contacts

Enabling/Disabling the Remote Directory Visibility

Remote Directories are set up and edited via an internet browser.  The initial setup and access to a Remote Directory must be set up be a Speechpath Technician.

Creating a Remote Directory

  1. Log onto your account on
  2. Select ‘Phonebook’ from the Menu.
  3. Click On ‘New Phonebook’ to create a new Remote Directory Group.
  4. Under the Create Phonebook Heading, enter a Phonebook Name (eg. Clients) and also enter your phones Public IP Address.  This must be a Static IP Address.  To find out your Public IP Address, Google “What is my public IP”.
  5. Click on the Name of the New Phonebook to edit it.
  6. Click ‘New Contact’ to add a contact.  Multiple Phone numbers can be added.


Adding Remote Directory to your phone

To add a Remote Directory to your Yealink Phone, you will need to open up your phones settings in your web browser.  The browser address of your Phone is its Local IP Address.

To find out your phones Local IP address, Go To > Menu > then ‘Status’.

Note: It will look something like this:

  1. Enter the Phones IP Address in your browser and with your keypad press enter.
  2. You will be asked you a username “user” and password “password”.
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Directories’ Tab shown near the top of page.
  4. Now navigate to ‘Remote Phonebook’ which will be in the menu now on the left of page.
  5. Copy and paste the XML URL (shown above) into the URL field and Name it what you like.
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